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TALL (a poem)

Must_be_at_least_13_years_old: am
From: vada
Category: Draft - want feedback
Date: 30 Mar 2000



he's a tall boy/so climb him./if you hesitate /he dies,/and the birds will make nests in his hair/and starlings who/sprout from his eye-sockets/will shriek your name.

ooh.. he's a tall boy/so get your boots on girly/this one is gonna take some time./the bigger they are/the larger the dose./you say/that an elephant can move a tree/but a horse can walk around it./and you are quick/like the fox/and he is a tall boy/who will be delighted with/a bright, shiny object like yourself.

'cuz he's a tall boy/and how he sways in your breeze/talk too much and he'll fall over on you./wouldn't that be nice?/that'd be nice...

ok. the slashes are here so that you can tell where the line breaks are. if you're seriously wanting to see how the poem looks aesthetically, cut and past (control+c and control+v) it into word or something, then press enter where the slashes are.

i really love this poem about a tall inamorata of mine. tell me what you think.


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