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New Teen Writing Site!

Must_be_at_least_13_years_old: am
To: Everyone
From: Teen's Write
Category: Publishing opportunities


Hello Everyone! We have just launched a new site for teen writing. We are hoping to make it the largest reaching medium for TEEN WRITERS! What makes our site different from current teen publishing sites is that we offer publication in JOURNALISM and CREATIVE WRITING! We publish POETRY, SHORT STORIES, SERIALIZED NOVELS, EDITORIALS, FEATURE STORIES, and ENTERTAINMENT (including, but not limited to, MOVIE AND MUSIC REVIEWS!!!) Also, we are going to create a newsletter sent out to ALL THE TEEN WRITERS WHO PUBLISH, of the best works submitted. This will be sent out WEEKLY!!! If you're interested please e-mail writings to teenswritejournl@aol.com or check out our site at http://www.geocities.com/paris/boutique/3921/index.html We are just looking to publish the works of teen's on more pages and not to steal writers from other sites. You can continue to publish on other sites and we'll still post your work. We are aiming to create the MOST COMPREHENSIVE ARCHIVE OF TEEN WRITING EVER! To do so, we need your help. Once again, please send writings to teenswritejournl@aol.com.

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