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Re (2): let's not try so hard

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Category: Feedback to writing published on TeenLit.com
Original_posting_date: 19 Apr 1999
Date: 31 May 1999


I somewhat agree with the ideas presented within the "Let's not try so hard" string of criticism. We don't have to rhyme or try hard, because good poetry comes from our souls and hearts not our heads. But I disagree with the "why me" statements made. Emotions and ideas make up poetry and the best things to write about are obvioulsy those which you have experienced. Right now many of us our in our "why me" stages of figuring our world, beliefs, and selves out. Imagination is a nice tool for poetry, but our emotions are the essential foundation for strong creativity. If we are depressed, confused, worried, or scared I know of many worse ways to deal with these emotions other than writing about them. Writing is a constructive release and form of expression, do not limit yourself by only working of off your "nice emotions" or your imagination. The strongest and best poetry/writing comes from the passion of emotion inside yourself.

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