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Re: let's not try so hard

From: a teenlit reader
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Original_posting_date: 02 Apr 1999
Date: 31 May 1999


While I agree on the part of your message that *we* can do better on our poetry, but that is self evident: there is always room for improvement in anything *we* do. Perhaps you should have kept to praise, because for many of the kids who have published their poems (what you referred to as stereotypical teenage depressing poems) have written them because they had a need for a release. Wether or not its "typical teenage depressing poetry" they may not be blessed with your apparent skill at poetry, but perhaps is the best they can do, and i think thats the least we can ask of someone. Kudos to all of those who have published here. Wether or not us readers perfer your writing, i hope us readers of youre work can

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