The Pigman Unit

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M. Kehus
Pigman Unit Plan

The Pigman


remorse or regret (poem, Remorse or Regret)
lies & trust
children of divorce & alcoholism
parent/child relations
male / female issues (I Feel a Little Jumpy around You, poems by male vs. female

Critical Theory Perspectives

semiotics (study of peritext)
psychoanalytical (like Lorraine tries)

Story Elements

Point of View: John vs. Lorraine. other examples = The Three Little Pigs from the Fox point of view, Stinky Cheese Man, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, Fairly Stupid Fairy Tales


a memoir
also, begin research for History of Civil Rights @ end of unit)

Word Study

Roots & Affixes

Written Conventions:

Continue Daily Warm Ups
punctuation (advanced)
sentence variety (dependent and independent clauses)

Authors breaking of conventions

see also Point of View

For Fun

The Boatman Story
The Memory Trick
Contact Author
Try Chocolate Covered Ants
Pig & other Collections
Author visit and autographs and photographs

Examples for semiotic analysis of peritext

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